Curriculum subject

Network Administration, Routers

Subject code I232
Subject name Network Administration, Routers
Credit points 2.5 CP
Grading method Exam
Curriculum subject
Curriculum 2008 ISa
Study year 2
Semester Spring semester
Subject type Mandatory
Mikk Liidemann
Subject loads
Lecture 32
Practice 24
General description
The course is part of the Cisco network academy cycle. It deals with the main activities connected with the administration of routers - initial router configuration and reconfiguration of the router, router settings, and use of routing protocols. All topics are covered with interactive lecture materials in English, which deal with the necessary concepts and give instructions for administration activities on Cisco routers. The activities are undertaken practically in a laboratory equipped with Cisco network technology.
Required subjects
I240 Basics of Telecommunication
Replacement Subjects
I211 Network Administration, Routers
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