Curriculum subject

Data Security and Cryptology

Subject code I345
Subject name Data Security and Cryptology
Credit points 3.5 CP
Grading method Grade prelim
Curriculum subject
Curriculum 2007 ISa
Study year 2
Semester Fall semester
Subject type Mandatory
Andres Pukk
Subject loads
Lecture 32
Exercise 8
Practice 16
General description
The course gives a systematic overview of contemporary data security and cryptology, both theoretically and practically, in the volume, which is necessary for a practitioner involved in information technology to get sufficient knowledge of the field. First general concepts of data security are dealt with and an overview of dangers, weaknesses, risks and safety measures as well as connections between them is given. Then two main methods of guaranteeing security are discussed - risk analysis and the method of baseline security. A thorough overview of cryptography follows, including all most often used algorithms and protocols. The main emphasis is placed on symmetric and asymmetric crypto-algorithms and their properties, but primarily on their applicability in practice. Algorithms DES, IDEA, AES and RSA are studied in more detail. A thorough introduction of digital signature and the related infrastructure follows. The last parts of the course focus on network security, database security and security management of an organisation. Information hiding problems and the discipline, which studies this - steganography, are touched upon.
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I301 Data Security and Cryptology
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