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Digital Communication

Subject code I307
Subject name Digital Communication
Credit points 2 CP
Grading method Prelim
Curriculum subject
Curriculum 2008 ISa
Study year 3
Semester Fall semester
Subject type Optional
Sander Kask
Linnar Stokkeby
Subject loads
Lecture 16
Practice 16
General description
The course introduces the general principles and methods of analysis of the building of digital communication systems. The random processes, the possible noise occurring in the communication channels as well as the characteristics of wireless multi-path channels are also discussed. Various methods of digital modulation and demodulation are compared. The matched-filter systems and their characteristics are observed. The base band transfer of digital signals as well as the behaviour of the band pass signal in the presence of noise are examined. The systems using spread spectrum and their advantages are observed. The line and channel codes for fault detection and repair are also considered.
I223 Telecommunications Networks
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