Curriculum subject

Information System Projects and Administration

Subject code I302
Subject name Information System Projects and Administration
Credit points 3.5 CP
Grading method Exam
Curriculum subject
Curriculum 2009 ISa
Study year 2
Semester Spring semester
Subject type Mandatory
Aleksei Moon
Subject loads
Lecture 16
Exercise 32
Practice 16
General description
The course deals with four necessary conditions that have to be met in order to have a successful IT project:
IT project addresses the correct problem: the project removes the constraints of the enterprise that prevents it from developing/earning more goal units;
Overall objective of the project, when achieved, really solves the correct problem;
Scope and design of the project, if delivered, achieves the overall objective. This means that all the necessary tasks have been included in the plan and all the necessary connections between the tasks have been established - implementation plan guarantees the achievement of the solution;
Execution of the schedule delivers the scope and design of the project (i.e., achieves the overall objective), within the budget and on time. This deals with the reporting and monitoring of the progress, and project manager's decision- making.
Lecturer: Margus Püüa, Dipl
I104 Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics
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