Curriculum subject

Rational Unified Process

Subject code I352
Subject name Rational Unified Process
Credit points 3.5 CP
Grading method Grade prelim
Curriculum subject
Curriculum 2013 IA
Study year 3
Semester Fall semester
Subject type Mandatory
Eero Haak
General description
Rational Unified Process (RUP) is software development process aimed at timely production of quality software. Iterative and incremental development allows team to mitigate risks as early and possible and respond flexibly to changes in requirements. The course consists mostly of practical work - students work in teams to implement information system, following RUP guidelines in the process. As they go through all workflows (project management, analysis, design, implementation, testing), they learn how to carry out projects using iterative methodology and become familiar with problems encountered during typical software development project.
I104 Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics
Replacement Subjects
I323 Rational Unified Process
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