Curriculum subject

Social, Ethical and Professional Issues in IT

Subject code I008
Subject name Social, Ethical and Professional Issues in IT
Credit points 2.5 CP
Grading method Exam
Curriculum subject
Curriculum 2008 IA
Study year 1
Semester Spring semester
Subject type Mandatory
Dmitri Kikerpill
Subject loads
Lecture 16
Exercise 16
General description
The aim is to give an overview of the broader social background of IT and the interaction between IT and other spheres of social life; direct the students to not think narrowly technologically and economically, but to broaden their understanding of the social aspects of their activities; to teach students to understand the main development directions of the field and make future predictions through the observation of the development process of IT; recognize the Internet as a social phenomenon; teach the fundamentals of professional self-expression and information presentation through seminars and written assignments.
Lecturer: Kaido Kikkas, PhD
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