Curriculum subject

Introduction to Programming in Java

Subject code I200
Subject name Introduction to Programming in Java
Credit points 4 CP
Grading method Exam
Curriculum subject
Curriculum 2003 IA
Study year 1
Semester Spring semester
Subject type Mandatory
Kairo Kaskmaa
Subject loads
Lecture 32
Exercise 14
Practice 32
General description
Software, programming, programming languages, paradigms of programming. Algorithm. Properties, structure and representation of algorithms. Elements of a program: data, variables, types, operations. Syntax and semantics. Statements: assignment, expression, branching, loops, breaking a loop, nested structures. Array, working with arrays. Subroutines (methods), parameters, return value. String operations. Command line parameters. Multi-dimensional arrays. Exception handling. Simple input/output. Object oriented programming basics: class, inheritance, polymorphism. Graphics, GUI, applet. Recursion. Data structures, searhing and sorting. Programming practices in Java.
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