Curriculum subject

E-Commerce and Business System Design

Subject code I347
Subject name E-Commerce and Business System Design
Credit points 3.5 CP
Grading method Exam
Curriculum subject
Curriculum 2008 TS
Study year 3
Semester Fall semester
Subject type Optional
Jane Roosalu
Subject loads
Lecture 16
Practice 16
General description
The course deals with e-commerce frameworks (Rosetta Net, ebXML, Biztalk), architectures and models. The design of the digital strategy of an enterprise. The business model of an enterprise and the e-commerce models. XML and XML solutions. DTD, XML schema, XSL and XPATH. Web services, SOAP. Rational Unified Development Process (RUP) and Unified Modelling Methodology (UMM). B2B solutions. Business process modelling and the effectiveness of e-commerce solutions. Management based on ABC and ABM activities. Component and web service based development. Software agents. Apache Tomcat Server and Java. Microsoft Net and ASP solutions.
I206 Database Basics
I230 Analysis and Design of Information Systems
Replacement Subjects
I306 E-Commerce and Business System Design
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