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Database Basics

Subject code I206
Subject name Database Basics
Credit points 3.5 CP
Grading method Grade prelim
Curriculum subject
Curriculum 2010 ISa-k
Study year 2
Semester Fall semester
Subject type Mandatory
Andres Netšajeva
Subject loads
Lecture 16
Practice 16
General description
The course presumes that the audience has elementary skills of programming and elementary knowledge of data structures (sequence, tree, stack, queue, library, hash table).
The aim is to give the audience a sufficiently profound overview of the design methods of databases, creation and handling methods of databases and of the use of database systems in the creation of information systems. After completing the course the students should have the knowledge, which enables them to independently create smaller information systems based on database systems and to participate in big information system development projects.
Lecturer: Priit Raspel, MSc
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