Curriculum subject

Business English for IT Specialists

Subject code I349
Subject name Business English for IT Specialists
Credit points 2.5 CP
Grading method Grade prelim
Curriculum subject
Curriculum 2010 ISa-k
Study year 2
Semester Fall semester
Subject type Optional
Rivo Meos
Subject loads
Exercise 12
General description
The aim of the course is to acquire and extend knowledge of business English and improve business communication skills at the level, which enables students to extend their specialist knowledge, skilfully use relevant literature and successfully communicate (orally and in the written form) in their specialist field at international level. The main focus is on the improvement of presentation and argumentation skills and on the practical application of these skills in the specific IT field necessary for the student. The course mainly includes reading and reviewing specialist literature, holding and participating in meetings and negotiations, giving presentations, participating in discussions and justifying one's views. In addition the principles of business correspondence and report writing are discussed.
Required subjects
I019 English
Replacement Subjects
I318 Business English for IT Specialists
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