Curriculum: IT Systems Development 2010

Education level professional higher education
EHIS code 2957
Registration date 12/10/2002
Accreditation date 06/03/2003
End of accreditation 06/03/2010
Curriculum abbreviation ISd
Curriculum language Estonian
Nominal study period 3 years
Total volume of studies 120 CP


1. Secondary education acquired in Estonia or an equivalent education from a foreign country;
2. For applicants having finished a school with the language of instruction other than Estonian: at least a 60-point score of the state exam Estonian as a Second Language or the Certificate of the Estonian Language Proficiency Examination or the equivalent result of the Intermediate Estonian Examination


The curriculum will give a comprehensive education in the field of software development and IT systems (computer and telecommunications networks, Internet, databases, etc.). Graduates in this field of study will have a thorough knowledge of different programming languages and tools, development environments and teamwork basics that are necessary for the development of modern application software.

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