Curriculum: Information Systems Analysis 2009

Education level professional higher education
EHIS code 3105
Registration date 06/01/2003
Accreditation date 12/22/2005
End of accreditation 06/03/2010
Curriculum abbreviation IA
Curriculum language Estonian
Nominal study period 3 years
Total volume of studies 120 CP


1. Secondary education acquired in Estonia or an equivalent education from a foreign country;
2. For applicants having finished a school with the language of instruction other than Estonian: at least a 60-point score of the state exam Estonian as a Second Language or the Certificate of the Estonian Language Proficiency Examination or the equivalent result of the Intermediate Estonian Examination.


Graduates in this field of study will have a balanced knowledge of the processes occurring both in IT and business systems. They will be able to participate in devising complex business information systems, applications or services and work as applications integrators, system architects, data systems developers and system analysts


General studies 16,0 credits
Basic studies 19,0 credits
Core studies 26,0 credits
Special studies 24,5 credits
Valikained 13,5 credits
Internship 18,0 credits
Graduation thesis 3,0 credits
Total 120 credits

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