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Õppeaine 'CCNP 1 Advanced Routing'

Nimi inglise keeles: CCNP 1 Advanced Routing

Aasta:   2009/2010    2010/2011    2011/2012    2012/2013    2013/2014    

Aine koodI343
Ainepunkte 3 AP; 4,5 EAP
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Advanced Routing is the first of four courses leading to the Cisco Certified Network Professional certification. CCNP 1 teaches students how to design, configure, maintain, and scale routed networks. Students learn to sue VLSMs, private addressing, and NAT to enable more efficient use of IP addresses. This course teaches students how to implement routing protocols such as RIP v2, EIGRP, OSPF, IS-IS, and BGP, In addition, the course details the important techniques used for route filtering and route redistribution.

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