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Digital Logic and Digital Systems

Subject code I207
Subject name Digital Logic and Digital Systems
Credit points 4 CP
Grading method Exam
Curriculum subject
Curriculum 2008 ISa
Study year 2
Semester Fall semester
Subject type Mandatory
Kristjan Jaano
Subject loads
Lecture 48
Exercise 16
Practice 16
General description
Introduction to Boolean algebra and its application in digital systems. Overview of the fundamentals of microelectronics, microelectronic components and computation methods. Overview of logic families. Introduction to hardware description language VHDL, its application in modelling digital systems. Presentation of logic functions; exact and heuristic optimisation methods. Brief overview of multi-valued logic and its application. Sequential systems, storage elements, state machines. Implementation and optimisation of state machines. Overview of complex digital systems and design methodologies.
Lecturer: Peeter Ellervee, PhD
I201 Computers
I102 Physics
I101 Mathematical Analysis
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