Subject 'Mathematical Analysis'

Name in Estonian: Matemaatiline analüüs

Year:   2009/2010    2010/2011    2011/2012    2012/2013    2013/2014    

State codeI101
Study languageEstonian
Credit points 2.5 CP; 4 ECTS
Grading method Exam

General description

The course deals with the fundamental concepts of mathematical analysis (variable, functions of one and several variables, their continuity, the derivative and differential of the function, the indefinite and the definite integral). The most important theorems and their application to concrete problems are also discussed. The applied part of the course studies the approximate methods of solving equations, numerical differentiation and integration as well as solving differential equations. In the exercise classes the theoretical results are applied to solving concrete problems.
Lecturer: Kristiina Hakk, MSc

Is taught in following curricula

2010: ISa  ISa-k  ISd  TS  
2009: IA  ISa  ISa-k  ISd  ISd-k  TS  
2008: IA  ISa  ISa-k  ISd  ISd-k  TS  
2007: IA  ISa  ISa-k  ISd  TS  
2006: IA  ISa  ISa-k  ISd  TS  
2005: IA  ISa  ISd  TS  
2004: IA  ISa  ISd  TS  
2003: IA  ISa  ISd  
2002: ISa  ISd  
2001: IS  
2000: IS