Subject 'Developing Business Network Service'

Name in Estonian: Äritegevuse võrguteenistuse arendamine

Year:   2005/2006    2006/2007    2007/2008    2008/2009    2009/2010    

State codeI335
Study languageEstonian
Credit points 2.5 CP; 3.5 ECTS
Grading method Exam

General description

Each student group will carry out for a real organization or company a business network services project work which includes modelling, business analysis, design and implementation of a prototype.

Is taught in following curricula

2010: ISa*  ISa-k*  ISd*  
2009: IA*  ISa*  ISa-k*  ISd*  ISd-k*  
2008: IA*  ISa*  ISa-k*  ISd*  ISd-k*  
2007: IA*  ISa*  ISa-k*  ISd*  
2006: IA*  ISa*  ISa-k*  ISd*  
2005: IA*  ISa*  ISd*  
2004: IA*  ISa*  ISd*  
2003: IA*  ISa*  ISd*  
* Optional subject