Subject 'System Programming in C#'

Name in Estonian: Programmeerimine C# keeles

Year:   2007/2008    2008/2009    2009/2010    2010/2011    2011/2012    

State codeI243
Study languageEstonian
Credit points 3.5 CP; 5 ECTS
Grading method Exam

General description

Main points of "Programming with C#" are 1. To give an overview of C# (C-sharp) 2. To teach programming with C#- (C-sharp) using .NET framework 3. Give an overview of Visual Studio 2005 and Object-Oreinted Programming.

Is taught in following curricula

2010: ISa  ISa-k  ISd  
2009: ISa  ISa-k  ISd  ISd-k  
2008: ISa  ISa-k  ISd  ISd-k  
2007: ISa  ISa-k  ISd  

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I200 Introduction to Programming in Java
Replacement Subjects
I229 System Programming in C#