Subject 'Database Administration'

Name in Estonian: Andmebaasis├╝steemide administreerimine

Year:   2008/2009    2009/2010    2010/2011    2011/2012    2012/2013    

State codeI235
Study languageEstonian
Credit points 2.5 CP; 4 ECTS
Grading method Prelim

General description

The pre-requisite for this course is the elementary programming skills of the audience because it may be necessary to write algorithms supporting this process in database administration. The aim of the course is to give an overview of the main methodologies and methods of database administration. After completing this course the audience will have the knowledge, which will enable them to continue studies to acquire knowledge of any concrete database system (concrete product) administration.

Is taught in following curricula

2010: ISa  ISa-k  
2009: ISa  ISa-k  
2008: ISa  ISa-k  
2007: ISa  ISa-k  
2006: ISa-k  

Related subjects

Required subjects
I206 Database Basics
I233 Operating System Administration
Replacement Subjects
I216 Database Administration