Subject 'Operating Systems Technology'

Name in Estonian: Operatsioonisüsteemide tehnoloogia

Year:   2008/2009    2009/2010    2010/2011    2011/2012    2012/2013    

State codeI310
Study languageEstonian
Credit points 3.5 CP; 5 ECTS
Grading method Grade prelim

General description

The course provides a description of underlying concepts of operating systems. It does not concentrate on any particular operating system or hardware, but discusses fundamental concepts that are applicable to a variety of systems. Examples presented are oriented mostly to UNIX based and Windows operating systems. The course assumes a familiarity with basic data structures, computer organization and a high-level programming language. The practical lessons include the use of operating system tools and some modelling of operating system methods. The operating system methods are compared with those used in Java.
Lecturer: Jelena Vendelin, PhD

Is taught in following curricula

2010: ISd*  TS*  
2009: IA*  ISd*  ISd-k*  TS*  
2008: IA*  ISd*  ISd-k*  TS*  
2007: IA*  ISd*  TS*  
2006: IA*  ISd*  TS*  
2005: IA*  ISd*  TS*  
2004: IA*  ISd*  TS*  
2003: IA*  ISd*  
2002: ISd*  
2001: IS*  
2000: IS*  
* Optional subject

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Required subjects
I200 Introduction to Programming in Java
I100 Introduction to Informatics
I205 System Programming in C