Subject 'Introduction to Informatics'

Name in Estonian: Sissejuhatus informaatikasse

Year:   2001/2002    2002/2003    2003/2004    2004/2005    2005/2006    

State codeI100
Study languageEstonian
Credit points 2.5 CP; 3.5 ECTS
Grading method Prelim

General description

Historical and conceptual overview of informatics as a business, science and engineering field. The early history of the field, scientific and technical developments at the beginning of this century, the fast technological and business developments in the middle of the century, and the developments in business, technology and science in the last decades. The main paradigms of programming (imperative, logical, functional, object-oriented) and the paradigms of application systems technology (mainframes, personal computers, client-server systems, distributed and multi-layer systems). The rise as well as decline of new technologies and companies, their principles and concrete key events.

Is taught in following curricula

2007: IA  ISa  ISa-k  ISd  TS  
2006: IA  ISa  ISa-k  ISd  TS  
2005: IA  ISa  ISd  TS  
2004: IA  ISa  ISd  TS  
2003: IA  ISa  ISd  
2002: ISa  ISd  
2001: IS  
2000: IS  

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