Subject 'Network Applications I: Client-Server Systems'

Name in Estonian: Võrgurakendused I: klient-server süsteemide ehitamine

Year:   2006/2007    2007/2008    2008/2009    2009/2010    2010/2011    

State codeI202
Study languageEstonian
Credit points 3.5 CP; 5 ECTS
Grading method Grade prelim

General description

Creation of skills necessary for building simple and practical internet applications. Overview of the network systems and the most important standards and technologies (functional features of browsers, html, dhtml, Java and JavaScript interfaces, cgi interfaces). Practical skills in the following areas: the use of html and dhtml for building websites, principles of website technology and design, integration of JavaScript and java applets into the websites, the use of cgi interface for retrieving data from the server and developing a simple database application. Multi-stage practical work.
Lecturer: Tanel Tammet, PhD

Is taught in following curricula

2010: ISa  ISa-k  ISd  TS  
2009: IA  ISa  ISa-k  ISd  ISd-k  TS  
2008: IA  ISa  ISa-k  ISd  ISd-k  TS  
2007: IA  ISa  ISa-k  ISd  TS  
2006: IA  ISa  ISa-k  ISd  TS  
2005: IA  ISa  ISd  TS  
2004: IA  ISa  ISd  TS  
2003: IA  ISa  ISd  
2002: ISa  ISd  
2001: IS  
2000: IS