Subject 'Software Techniques'

Name in Estonian: Tarkvaratehnika

Year:   2009/2010    2010/2011    2011/2012    2012/2013    2013/2014    

State codeI219
Study languageEstonian
Credit points 2 CP; 3 ECTS
Grading method Prelim

General description

Main issue: Analysis of Software Development Process. Software Engineering Process, Software Engineering Process alternatives (The Waterfall Model, Spiral Development, Incremental Development). Software Project Management, Project Steering Model, Organizing personnel, Identifying and retiring risks, Development tools, High Level Planning, Estimating costs, Quality in project management, Process improvement and the Capability Maturity Model. Testing, The testing process, Unit testing, Integration testing, System testing, User Acceptance Testing, Defect Metrics, Migration and Rollout. Software Metrics, Software Quality.

Is taught in following curricula

2013: bus1  
2012: 1 1 1 1*  isa 123456  
2011: 1 1 1 1*  isa 123456  
2010: 1 1 1 1*  ISa*  isa 123456  ISa-k*  ISd  TS*  
2009: IA  ISa*  ISa-k*  ISd  ISd-k  TS*  
2008: IA  ISa*  ISa-k*  ISd  ISd-k  TS*  
2007: IA  ISa*  ISa-k*  ISd  TS*  
2006: IA  ISa*  ISa-k*  ISd  TS*  
2005: IA  ISa*  ISd  TS*  
2004: IA  ISa*  ISd  TS*  
2003: IA  ISa*  ISd  
2002: ISa*  ISd  
* Optional subject

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Required subjects
I200 Introduction to Programming in Java
I205 System Programming in C
I202 Network Applications I: Client-Server Systems